Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The 2nd Annual A. Noy Mee Awards

Things that annoy me:
1) People who spend more time posting what they are doing on Facebook than actually doing something worthy of posting on Facebook. I just don't care that you are brushing your teeth.
2) Customer Service reps who say "Can I access your account?" when you are obviously calling with a question about your account. I wasn't calling to see who they like in the World Series, for Pete's sake.
3) CVS advertises a whole bunch of Halloween candy at 2 bags for $3 but when you get to the store all they have left are Jujubees. Since I am in a new neighborhood, I can't give out Jujubees without risking getting my house egged. I need to find some cheap Skittles or M&M's pronto.
4) Going to work when it is dark and getting home when it is dark. Where the heck did the sun go?
5) People who talk on their cell phone while on a treadmill at the gym.

Other random thoughts:
  • Thanks to Mandy for pointing out the irony that I was watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia while it was actually raining cats and dogs in Philadelphia.
  • Did you ever want to knock on someone's car window and ask them what the story is behind their vanity plate? Today I saw a license plate that read "4some1x". It totally made me go hmmm... How did that get past any Maryland DMV sensors?
  • Celtics start their run for #18 this year. Too bad Houston will get in the way.

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