Monday, October 20, 2008

Revolting Evolution

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • It's true that nobody with any personality has been voted off of Survivor, but that means that the later weeks will be that much better. If you skipped this season, you're missing out. We're on a crash course towards the evil Ace and his crew vs. Marcus and his crew. Once we hit the merge, it's going to be one of the better seasons.
    • Picked up the latest Ben Folds while out in the Bay Area. If you like him, you'll like it. There are some "classic" Folds-style songs, but a lot of the music is more electronic than I'd expect. It has a definite ELO feel to it.
    • I did, as promised, watch Space Chimps on the flight this morning. It's a fine movie; I'm sure kids would love it and there's nothing stupid or bad about it. My problem is that it was a cartoon. That really kills a) the opportunity for a train wreck and b) the awesomeness of a movie with "chimp" in the title. So instead, please to enjoy this.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • I don't mean to keep piling on, but I was surprised to find out that San Jose's airport code was SJC. I was positive it was WAE, as in Worst Airport Ever. Let me put it this way. I had the opportunity to see the classic Steve McQueen film Bullitt a few days ago. Great movie, great car chase, McQueen is the man, etc. The end of the film takes place at San Francisco International Airport. The movie was shot in 1968. In the movie, SFO is obviously more modern-looking than San Jose International is today.
    • Jewish holidays rock. Specifically, when you get them all off.
    • Rudy Ray Moore passed away today. Weirdly, all of the articles say he was 81, but he was born in 1937. Anyways, long live the original pimp. Hopefully he took some sucka's heart of their chest on the way out.
  • Heroes Questions/Comments of the Week:
    • Judging by how the show usually goes, Daphne has either a child or parent who is mixed up with the villains in some way.
    • I like how Hiro failed so miserably at being a bad-ass. He's a steady bright light as we go through all of this Peter and Sylar stuff.
    • When the African guy showed Hiro the villains, there were four faces on the wall with the Pinehearst/Kensei logo. Top left was Arthur Petrelli, bottom left was Knox, bottom right was Parkman's dad. Who was top right? The skin was too light to be Suresh. It could have been Sylar, but that doesn't make sense. Maybe Peter? But again, doesn't really make sense.

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Marissa said...

My observation/though - So the Pinehurst logo is like a sideways double-helix, and when you look at it, it becomes clear that the Kensei logo was, for lack of a better term, a single helix. Symbolic of many things - the science of the powers within the DNA, but maybe also the joining of the two parts of the formula together. All pretty normal (well, normal for Heroes), EXCEPT...

The Kensei logo goes back to Adam's flag in the 17th century, before he knew he was special, and before anyone even knew anything about DNA/Helixes, etc. None of the things the symbols represent should have been around at that time. Unless there was time travel.

Could the company be even older than we all think it is? Going back centuries?