Friday, October 3, 2008

Moving Past

I was ready to rain indignation down on all of my readers. I was ready to go off about how I cursed at the TV when a candidate for Vice President winked at me and I was ready to dare any Palin supporter who may read this to explain to me how they can actually consider her a serious candidate for an office of such import. I was ready to make the Emperor happy by unleashing my hate and finding solace in the Dark Side. But then I realized something so simple that it calmed me down within seconds.

Sarah Palin is finished. She's a non-entity.

I don't mean that she's a joke, though of course I think she is. I don't mean that she won't campaign for McCain anymore or show her face in public, because of course she will. But she's of no importance to the 2008 campaign anymore. You know what else? Neither is Joe Biden.

As of tonight, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin are officially non-factors.

They had their moment. Maybe Biden won because he was serious and showed that amazing touch of emotion. Maybe Palin won because she didn't screw up. But who cares? It won't move the polls, there are too few undecideds left and neither of them won by enough to really change the game anyway. We'll have another debate on Tuesday and then one the week after, and both of them will be about Barack Obama and John McCain. When people go into the voting booth, they will be voting for either Barack Obama or John McCain. It's freeing to know that we are beyond this silliness.

I'm going to work my ass off and enjoy the hell out of the next month and, besides Tina Fey on Saturday, not give one more thought to Sarah Palin.

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