Sunday, October 26, 2008


  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • John McCain looked a bit out of sorts on Meet The Press this morning. To his credit, Brokaw asked him some very tough questions even if he was then really slanted against Obama during the panel discussion. The moment everyone is talking about was when McCain just looked plain old and confused as he tried to remember which Secretaries of State endorsed him.
    • I think Nick and Starr have a real serious shot of winning The Amazing Race. I do hate how they try to pretend that the final team is much closer to the pack than they really are. When this week's final team showed up, there was an obvious difference in the quality of the light from when the previous team arrived at the pit stop.
    • This is a "No on Prop 8" commercial that is fairly unremarkable, aside from the fact that it stars Tim Gunn, who is on the short list of coolest people on TV.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • I wrote that if Jimmy Rollins got hot, the World Series could be over quickly. Ryan Howard too, apparently. The Rays are lucky to have a lefty for tomorrow night, but how the heck are they going to break out against Hamels? People say that this political year is reminiscent of 1980. Looks like the baseball year may be as well.
    • By the way, someone in Harrisburg just got bonked in the head when Howard's 8th inning home run ball finally came down.
    • Wow, did the Ravens screw with the Raiders today. They ran the option with Troy Smith and even had him throw a long pass to Joe Flacco. On the other side, you can tell that JaMarcus Russell has some skills, but his team is crap.
    • All three of my fantasy team's wide receivers -- Steve Smith, Santana Moss, and Roddy White -- scored two touchdowns today. And none of them scored as many points for me as Brian Westbrook. Glad to have him back, though probably not as glad as the Eagles are.
  • Daily Rant:
    • A fight nearly broke out at the Ravens game today, with me right in the middle. A Raiders fan sitting directly to my right decided to celebrate a meaningless touchdown and then milk it to get more boos. A woman to my left started screaming at him. The Ravens fan, also a woman, sitting on the other side of the Raiders fan, decided to scream back. It got more and more heated until another guy joined in the screaming and then finally the Raiders fan and his friend just left. Weirdly, a guy behind me yelled over and over at the Raiders fan, "At least we don't pee on people at Ravens games!" Well, if those are your standards, buddy, we may need to talk about manners.

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