Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's October

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Filled in some sorely missing pop culture by watching The American President (thanks, Louise). It's pretty good, though certainly not the best Sorkin-Reiner collaboration (duh). I also prefer The Contender, as far as President movies go, and Jeff Bridges' speech at the end of said movie, as far as big President speeches go, but I did like the movie a lot.
    • Tonight marked the season premiere of Pushing Daisies. That would be the show that I loved last year and forgot just how much. It's so sleek and well-directed with wonderful dialogue and beautiful colors. The sound mix seemed to be a touch off tonight and there was one sexual reference (which is not usual for the show), but I was pleasantly re-surprised by it.
    • Watched the Palin interview tonight. The rumor was that she was asked to name any Supreme Court decision, but it turned out to be any Supreme Court decision that she disagreed with (other than Roe). Biden, of course, had a nice answer that also highlighted his work in the Senate. Palin couldn't come up with a case. I can think of two off the top of my head with which I disagree, Bush v. Gore and the one about gun control in the District. I can also think of a recent one with which Palin most likely disagreed, the one allowing habeas corpus at Guantanamo Bay. The point is that it's not okay if she can't think of one. You can't excuse it by saying that she doesn't have a list of Supreme Court decisions in front of her. She's running for freaking Vice President and she shouldn't just be a regular person.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • A bunch of Hollywood liberals (and no, I don't mean "Jews" like the GOP did during their convention speeches) made this video (NSFW) about registering to vote. Shocker that Sarah Silverman and Jonah Hill are the funniest.
    • If you think Palin hits the wrong notes with voters, you should see this: Sarah Heath, beauty pageant contestant, plays the flute. It's just a little flat, but, to be honest, this isn't so much about Palin as it is about a bad '80s video of someone playing the flute out of tune.
  • MLB Playoff Preview:
    • I kind of forgot last night to do a preview of the playoffs, so here's a quick one (granted, this is after the Phillies and Dodgers had already won tonight).
    • Brewers vs. Phillies -- The Phils have a year under their belt and a great bullpen. I fully expected Hamels to dominate today and he did, so I'm sticking with my original prediction: Phillies in 4.
    • Dodgers vs. Cubs -- We all know the Cubs will blow this at some point. They should be better enough than the Dodgers (barring Manny exploding) to take this. Original pick: Cubs in 3. Obviously, the Dodgers won tonight. Adjusted pick: Dodgers in 5.
    • White Sox vs. Rays -- I have to go with the heart on this one and you're heartless if you're not from Chicago and you're not rooting for the Rays. Also Shields and Kazmir are nasty. Rays in 4.
    • Red Sox vs. Angels -- Oy. This should be the World Series. The Angels had the best record in baseball this year and, after having seen their homefield advantage personally this year, I can't pick against them. This should be a heck of a show. Angels in 5.

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