Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RNC, Day Three: LiveBlogging

11:24: This will be the end for me tonight. Palin was pretty good, under the weight of impossible hype. We shall see if McCain is a letdown tomorrow night. I think he will be. Pretty good night of speeches overall, though.
11:15: By the way, John McCain needs a cigarette holder between his teeth when he smiles.
11:12: Ok, this is the only thing I will say about Bristol Palin and her pregnancy. I read somewhere a knock on having her (gum-chewing) boyfriend there and I wholeheartedly agree. It's okay to support her. It's great to support her. But at what point are they celebrating her decision, and therefore her pregnancy? I admire her for sticking to her convictions, and I may make the same choice if I were in her situation. But the way they're putting it so far out there (it was the Palin family, after all, that announced it), gives me the willies.
11:11: I'm getting into kind of a dull pity here. Not even for her, so much. For John McCain and the Republican party, as it is today.
11:05: Just not feeling the fire in her belly. Who knows at this point, I'm biased, she's been built up to impossible hype. The whole thing just makes me uncomfortable. As in, a little embarrassed for her.
10:58: Rudy and Cindy cut a dashingly evil couple, don't you think? Those were creepy smiles.
10:56: Headline: Palin says we need to "create gas". Hehe.
10:54: Oh, she lied about the "Bridge to Nowhere" thing. I can smell an ad team at work.
10:49: She's fine, I guess. Not offensive, but a little mechanical.
10:47: I've gone on record as saying that I don't think it's a good idea for her to attack Obama so soon before the country has gotten to know her. We'll see what comes of it.
10:44: She definitely has a sort of "Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer" vibe to her. I've heard that somewhere else, but it's true. I like how they all laughed at the "hockey mom" joke, like anybody who isn't Canadian gets that.
10:37: The black background is kind of weird. Nothing else to joke about yet.
10:30: I worry (for her sake) that Rudy was too combative and she'll be boring in comparison. We shall see, once the crowd shuts up.
10:29: Here we go! VPILF time!!!
10:28: My only solace in my extreme hatred for Guiliani is how sad he'll be when McCain loses.
10:25: Newsflash: Party of Ferraro and Clinton is sexist!
10:20: This speech is really pissing me off, which must mean it's really working.
10:17: It took about 15 minutes for Rudy to say "September 11th". The 12-step program really is working.
10:15: Nothing says, "vote for me," like a bunch of white people screaming "Drill, baby, drill!" It's a bit creepy.
10:14: Rudy hates hope!
10:10: Ok, so I'm sensitive about my guy, I admit. But the crowd seems to really hate him. Despise him. Disrespect him. They laughed when Rudy said that Obama's story could only happen in America. This is a bit nastier than even Kerry got last week.
10:07: Oh my... Did he just laugh at "community organizer". And the Dems are the elite? Wow, I'm taken aback.
10:04: Rudy hasn't yet said, "9/11". He's starting to sweat and twitch.
10:02: Rudy sounds like he's doing a standup act with his tone and body language.
10:01: Nate Silver points out that Joe Biden got just over 15,000 votes in Florida, where he didn't campaign.
9:52: This means nothing, it's just bizarre.
9:47: Josh Marshall of TPM: "Massachusetts venture capitalist and governor Mitt Romney is lashing out against the 'eastern elite'." Good point.
9:40: "John McCain helped me have a school desk." Is that the new "Jesus is my co-pilot."? Anyway, I do love the heck out of the guy. We're missing out on would have been a great Biden-Huckabee debate.
9:36: In 1999, Sarah Palin got 909 votes in her run for mayor of Wasilla. Biden got 2,328 delegates in Iowa. It was still a funny line though.
9:32: "It isn't supposed to hurt when you take a shower." Unless you're in prison. Sorry, that was low and too easy.
9:30: We hate Europe! Seriously though, I knew Huckabee would talk about the economy. He's so down to earth.
9:26: I understand that bringing up the economy is a loser because people blame Bush, but can they totally ignore it all week? We'll see what my man Huck has to say.
9:19: Please to enjoy this candid photo of Mitt Romney.
9:14: Oh my... Romney goes hard after the radical Muslims specifically. He's kind of making an idiot out of himself. Um, he's kind of continuing to be an idiot of himself. He calls out Chavez and Putin, those known Muslims. He's making my head hurt.
9:11: He looks so self-satisfied whenever he delivers a one-liner. Love him. He just made fun of China for being "Adam Smith on steroids" right after he talked about how the government needed to leave businesses alone.
9:09: When a Massachusetts governor is pro-choice, it's liberal!
9:07: It's Mitt and his weird shoulder thing! He screwed up a knock on the Dems and when only person booed, Romney acknowledged him with a "yeah!" Priceless.
9:04: MSNBC not showing Mike Steele's speech. I miss him in Maryland. Well, not really. Instead, we get to hear Carly do her whole "sexist" thing. Ugh. My new favorite, Meg Whitman, disagrees.
8:50: By the way, while I try to stay awake through fellow Smith school alum Carly's speech, how freaking stupid a name is the Oklahoma City Thunder for an NBA team? Indoor soccer, maybe.
8:48: This was my favorite moment from last night. I think I watched it three times with the DVR.
8:43: Hey, it turns out that Gov. Palin's pastor is actually a Jew for Jesus, himself! We do love talking about people's pastors this year. 'Splain, Lucy, 'splain!
8:39: Found the remark. It's a very veiled hit, so it's not so bad.
8:37: Marc Ambinder reports that Romney's speech tonight will include a "Michelle Obama tweak". I'm thinking that may not be such a great idea for a lot of reasons.
8:30: I like Meg Whitman. She seems like a level-headed person, much more palatable than Carly Fiorina, for instance.
8:25: With all honesty, I think the Palin pick comes down to one thing: the McCain campaign (and I don't necessarily mean John himself) irrationally hates Obama's guts. Their view of him is so low that they think they can throw anyone out there who would be comparable to Obama because of his lack of experience, lack of substance, blah, blah, blah. They are laughably wrong. Hillary Clinton's people could have told them.
8:12: Have you heard at all of the speech given at Palin's church by the founder of Jews for Jesus? If it's seriously pressed, this could be a major issue for McCain, as in big trouble in Florida. If you're not Jewish, you may not fully understand. There may be a stereotype that Jews hate Muslims or may have trouble with evangelical Christians. Not true. We, as a whole, are very tolerant of other people's views. But make no mistake: Jews despise the s*** out of Jews for Jesus.
8:06: Here's some set-up. If you missed it, we got a taste today of what the Republican talking heads really think when Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan thought they were off the air. We'll see tonight what happens when the VPILF (I stole the joke) is unleashed on the public.
8:05: Hey, they're interviewing John McCain, circa 1996! Oh, it's Bob Dole. BobDole!
8:00: So I turned on Fox News to see Obama on O'Reilly, but it turns out he'll be on tomorrow. See ya, Bill -- on to MSNBC! I mean, if I have to watch hours of people I hate, I might as well not hate the anchors also.


Shtetl Fabulous said...

TOTALLY agreed. Jews for Jesus fucking sucks. Be Christian or be a Jew. They aren't even endearing among other non-committal people like bisexuals. They just piss Jews off.

Elisha said...

Well, here I go again - typed out an entire comment only to have it disappear just a moment ago. Phooey.

I didn't watch as much of the convention coverage as Josh - I fell asleep for a couple of hours, either out of exhaustion or boredom, not sure which. Just wanted to share a few thoughts from the bits I did see:

* I forgot how much I like Mike Huckabee. I might not agree on most of his social stances, but I just frickin' love the guy.
* Love Josh's comment about 9/11 comments and a twitchy Rudy.
* You have to give Palin credit for a great national debut. I cannot imagine maintaining such poise during all of the pressure of expectation and the huge crowd. I might not share many of her positions, but she had a great night.

Elisha said...

Man, forgot something that was in the original post... It doesn't matter and isn't a big thing, but I've heard that hockey mom-pitbull-lipstick comment before... as a soccer mom joke. It doesn't matter - it's an old, stupid joke, but people laughed as if she penned it herself.

Anonymous said...

Didn't watch the convention coverage, but check out this story on Yahoo about how some of the speakers stretched the truth:


Betsy said...

Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer reference was awesome.