Monday, September 1, 2008

Greatest... VP Candidate... Ever...

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • I don't know why I hadn't seen it before now, but watched Ratatouille tonight on On Demand. It's not as good as Wall-E, but it's still very good. It even has some very hidden politics in there: working hard is better than getting something for free, working hard can move you up in economic class.
    • I'm divided on the day-long Gustav coverage. It's obviously a big story, but it ended up being relatively over-hyped. I suppose all the people gathered to cover the RNC needed something to do.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • My apologies to Cindy McCain. It turns out that Fox News' Steve Doocy actually said the whole Alaska-Russia thing on Friday. So I guess she was just dumb enough to echo it.
    • Heck of a fantasy draft today. Anderson, S. Smith, Ocho Cinco, Westbrook, Jones-Drew, and two starting RBs as backups.
    • Palin is probably very bright, but check this out. Duh. This furthers a pretty bad stereotype of conservatives, that as long as they say "founding fathers" or "Constitution" anything they say will be above question.
  • Daily Rave:
    • I have to say, I'm kind of getting obsessed with this whole Palin thing. Not the personal crap, I'm leaving it alone. I think it's because I'm starting to suspect that this is all a joke. It has to be right? She lied about the Bridge to Nowhere thing? She supported Ted Stevens? One of the arguments is that she's qualified because she has more executive experience than Obama and Biden, even though that would mean she's more qualified than McCain? Tonight, on Larry King Live, a Minnesota congresswoman replied to any questioning of Palin's qualification by James Carville by saying that he was being sexist -- is that going to be the new thing? She, as of late 2006, hadn't really thought about the War in Iraq very much? It's like the McCain campaign knows it's going to lose, so they grabbed someone so preposterous that they could have a few laughs on the way out at how indignant the Dems would get over something so stupid. I'm flabbergasted by this whole thing, so much so that I don't think I've ever used the "flabbergasted" before, but couldn't find another word. In other words, I'm kind of in love with Sarah Palin. I really hope that they don't decide to drop her before Wednesday.


Marissa said...

Guess Steve's not the only one who thought her daughter was cute.

Steve said...

I believe that I said she was Hot, not cute.

Marissa said...

For more fun at Palin's expense: