Monday, September 29, 2008

Dallas Dealt Defeat

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • The big season premiere of Dexter tonight. It seems like a good plot for the season, with Dexter having accidentally killed someone who seems innocent. Most importantly, the level of acting took a bit of a step up. The actor who played Doakes was not so good so with his death, they have a hole for a new character or two. The guy who seems to replace looks okay so far, but they also added Jimmy Smits in a guest role. I guess the show has gotten big enough that major actors are willing to do guest spots.
    • Speaking of major actors, another solid episode of Entourage. This one was a bit less comedic than usual, but the show has never been a straight sit-com anyway. The ladies from The View (minus Walters) were on the show and their line reading was pathetic. That whole section came off as so phony.
    • Finally, the season premiere of The Amazing Race -- a great show, but I still prefer Survivor. The thing about this one is that the first few episodes are relatively worthless. It's cool to see where they go, but the race doesn't get really interesting until they get down to the really capable teams.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • We need Sarah Palin to defend us from an event like this.
    • Short week coming up with only a half day tomorrow and no work on Tuesday or Wednesday. Of course, I have to sit in services, but it's a fair trade-off.
  • Week 4 Thoughts:
    • Putting aside the 2000 season, which was a long time ago, is Kerry Collins a Super Bowl-caliber QB? Is Tony Romo? I think both are fair and equal questions, but so totally different. I feel like Romo turns the ball over too much and all Collins needs to do is play it easy and let that defense work.
    • Brett Favre threw for six TDs today. In the same game, Kurt Warner turned the ball over six times.
    • Didn't the Skins fans want to get rid of Jason Campbell at some point? He's getting near elite status.
    • I think we learned that the AFC West stinks. In other words, there's no good football being played west of Dallas.
    • The worst football state has to be Ohio, right? That Cleveland-Cincinnati game today was the football equivalent of an Ed Wood movie.

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