Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Like Dolphins Can Swim

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Pretty good start for Heroes. They worked in the new characters, set up the plot line of being able to spread the powers, and got some pretty intense scenes going. Much like with Lost, I'll throw in a few questions farther down and hopefully get a discussion going.
    • I'm psyched to see Wire alumni on various shows. The most obvious this year is either Tristan Wilds (Michael) who's one of the stars of 90210 or Lance Reddick (Daniels) on both Fringe and Lost. You also have Andre Royo (Bubbles) making an appearance on Terminator and he was in the credits for Heroes tonight, but I didn't see him. Of course, Jamie Hector (Marlo) showed up at the end of the episode, playing one of the new villains.
    • Another fine episode of Entourage last night. This season is shaping up to be pretty good after a weak premiere. Any time you have Ari and Lloyd doing their thing, you're going to have a good time.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • This is the best explanation I've read of the credit crisis.
    • Remember how, after 9/11, we were so angry and in shock that we allowed the PATRIOT Act and the AUMF to be passed, leading to our disastrous war, the weaking of our Constitution, and the dismissal of the Geneva Convention? Well, we have another crisis on our hands and the administration is trying to get an unprecedented consolidation of power (with plenty of opportunity for misuse if there's no oversight) pushed through. But hey, if we're fooled for the fifteenth time, we're probably getting what we deserve.
    • I have to say, I'm not that nostalgic about Yankee Stadium. It's been renovated since Ruth and Gehrig played there, so it's not as classic as Fenway or Wrigley. Also, while the old parks are great, they become a little less so when you have to crane your neck to see because your uncomfortable seat is inexplicably facing away from the mound and you have to lean to get around a pole. Plus, Fenway has troughs. That's just wrong and nasty.
  • Heroes Comments/Questions of the Week:
    • Wasn't Linderman dead? I think the last time we saw him was the season one finale when DL was pulling his fist out of the back of Linderman's skull. Not to say he couldn't come back (or someone couldn't be impersonating him), but I thought his return came with relatively little fanfare. There was that weird moment when Tracy is leaving Nathan's room and Linderman is standing in the shadows. I couldn't quite tell if she acknowledged him.
    • I like the idea of current Peter being embedded with the villains while future Peter tries to find him.
    • Isn't the parallel to season one a bit weird? The whole thing was about them trying to stop Sylar from getting Claire's power so that he wouldn't be able to heal fast enough to blow up New York, which would make Linderman powerful after he had moved Nathan up the ladder and into the White House. Well, now Sylar has Claire's power, Linderman has helped Nathan become a senator, and Hiro had a vision of Tokyo being destroyed.
    • There's the obvious question about Tracy and Nikki and Tracy's power, but we'll learn about that in time.
    • If I remember correctly, Peter had the scar in the future during season one. Did we find out where it came from?
    • Where did future Peter get the power to change his appearance? There was that Candace from the first season, but he never came in contact with her. Someone else must be able to do it.
    • Do you think that the actor who plays Suresh went to the producers during hiatus and said, "Look, I'll come back, but you have to let me have a power and get some chicks."


Marissa said...

Linderman is a figment of Nathan's imagination. He's not really there. So I don't think that he really healed Nathan, but future Peter did - as future Peter may have, in the future, come across someone who had that power.

For the Tracey/Nikki thing - I think Tracey was Nikki/Jessica's twin, separated at birth. So she's not really Nikki parading as Tracey, she's honest to goodness Tracey, whose powers are now just manifesting.

As far as where does Future Peter get his powers - we've seen that all the powers are not unique to one person (Wes can fly, and so can Nathan). Plus, if Mohinder lets the powers out, everyone will have lots of powers. So future Peter could get his powers anywhere.

I don't know what was ickier - the part when Sylar looked at Claire's brains, or when Mohinder engaged in a sex scene.

Elisha said...

I think Josh must have drifted to sleep during the whole Nathan/Linderman chess scene with the nurse...