Friday, September 26, 2008

But Whoever Should Be The Secretary Of Cluelessness?

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Big TV night for premieres and started with My Name Is Earl. This remains the only sitcom I watch on network TV and it's well worth it. There was some great Beau Bridges action tonight (the second episode being better than the first) and some great lines as well. Here's one that's catching on for me -- when Randy found a suit behind a dumpster with a litter of kittens and when he was told he would be the President in the movie, he responded by saying, "And here's my Secretary of Cute," before pulling out a little kitten. Awesome. I spent the entire night calling my dog everything from the Grand Poobah of Cute to the Assistant Undersecretary of Cute.
    • A very solid Grey's Anatomy premiere picked up right where the last season left off, which is good. Sloan was badass, as usual, and they made a great choice on the new character with household-favorite Kevin McKidd (Rome, Journeyman) joining the show.
    • Finally, my favorite show, Survivor, kicked off its new season. Best of all, this year it's in HD. I don't know what they were waiting for (CBS has been notoriously behind on HD coverage of the NFL), but it looked pretty spectacular. They have a beautiful location in Gabon and a couple of interesting people already. My favorite to win out of the chute has to be Marcus. My favorite to make fun of? Easily, it's Charlie, the gay lawyer who immediately developed a super creepy crush on Marcus (who's straight, but very nice about it). This should be fun to watch and I can only hope that we end up with a weird version of Ozzie's super-wussy love-speech to Amanda from last year's final council.
    • By the way, if I didn't say it before, I dropped Fringe like a hot piece of crap. Which, coincidentally enough, it is.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • You realize that if 90210 continues to be successful, we'll see more shows like that being brought back. Which means we could be headed down the dangerous path to Charles In Charge: The Retirement Years or Golden Girls In Heaven.
    • We know that Sarah Silverman is very funny (when she's not on Comedy Central, at least). You must watch this video that she cut for a new site called The Great Schlep, which aims to get young Jews to visit their grandparents in Florida and convince them to vote for Obama. I'm not kidding.
    • If you're a Republican, you should really come on over to the good guys for this election. You're missing out on such wonderful humor. While you're cringing at every hem and haw in front of Katie Couric, we're laughing our asses off at what a dolt they picked for a running mate. It really is freeing to have a candidate that you trust implicitly not to screw up. You should try it.
    • Crap day tomorrow with an 8:30 meeting followed by what should be a very rough funeral. I will be liveblogging tomorrow night, the night I've been waiting for more than any other since June or so, as we have the first debate, where Barack Obama will be matched up against either John McCain or his own hand with a face drawn on it.
  • Daily Rant:
    • I was at a class today that took place in a library and someone pointed out this book, a children's book about September 11. It includes a very simple telling of what happened and some hand-drawn pictures of wonderful things like a plane about to fly into a building or a plane crashing into a field. Great stuff for little kids. Also, it talks about how the country really came together and everyone is very patriotic and nobody argues over politics. Seriously. Yeah, that lasted about two minutes.


Steve said...

If you only like My Name is Earl, you are definitely missing out on How I Met Your Mother. It's definitely worth checking out.

Josh said...

I know I should. I'm a big fan of both NPH and Jason Segal.