Sunday, September 7, 2008

And They Are Indisputable (NFL Week 1 Edition)

These are the facts:
  • Yesterday's guest blogger would like to say something: Hey everyone, it's Billy again! Remember when you bought the Hercules Hook and it ripped a chunk out of your drywall? Hey, I can't be responsible for every contingency. So when I put New England as the number one team, I was horribly wrong. I apologize if you bought them, but how could I know? Please don't sue!
  • How many great endings can you have in one weekend? The Chiefs-Pats, Jets-Dolphins, and Panthers-Chargers games all came down to goal line stands. Of course, only the Panthers came away with a win after that impossible buzzer-beater throw by Delhomme. Who doesn't love Jake Delhomme?
  • I can't get too excited about Flacco and the Ravens yet, since they were apparently playing a Pop Warner team today. The Bengals are pathetic. I am cautiously excited though, and hearing Cam Cameron on the radio helped. You can just tell by the way he talks that he's a great coach, even if he didn't have obvious great results as well.
  • At some point, Favre will stop getting lucky when he throws the ball up for grabs. It seems that lately for him, that point has been sometime in the playoffs.
  • Roscoe Parrish is absurd. He also looks kind of funny; his helmet looks too big for his body.
  • Cleveland looks like Cleveland again. I'm afraid that the Sunday Night game next week against Pittsburgh is not going to be fun to watch.
  • Are we surprised that Michael Turner is good? He always used to tear it up when LT was off the field. Plus, did you see the Lions tackling skills, or lack thereof?
  • It was great to see Olbermann and Patrick back together again. Lots of inside Sportscenter jokes tonight. Of course, my favorite line of the night was when Patrick set it up so Olbermann could say, "The Bucs were... mmmm, Bushed."
  • Karma's a bitch, ain't it?

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Marissa said...

But Flacco is a Blue Hen (thus my sister's sudden interest in the Ravens). Biden, Flacco? It's a great year for U-Del.