Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Going To Vote Die

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • I'm happy at how the hockey game ended up yesterday. It lived up to its massive hype. It was exciting from start to finish and incredibly so at the end. As much as anything, I'm happy that Canada won. They care more about it than we do and it was in their country. They deserved it and I was glad to see the crowd go home happy.
    • As exciting as the hockey game was, 24 is about the opposite. After a strong episode last week, this week's was nearly unwatchable. So bad that I almost gave up the show for good about ten minutes in. It treats its viewers like idiots and I don't buy the big technological thing regarding the bomb and the remote detonator.
    • The first fifteen minutes of How I Met Your Mother were as funny as that show gets. The whole idea of people having people of the other sex "on the hook" was dead on and Barney's history of hot women jobs was great. But right about the middle, it just fizzled and headed straight downhill. Probably because the plot actually came into it. By the end, no laughs. Weird.
    • Speaking of no laughs, I watched the first two episodes of Funny or Die Presents, which should be called Excruciatingly Disappointing or Die Presents or perhaps Slightly Amusing Every So Often But Mostly Awful or Die Presents. It just doesn't work. So far, there have been three legitimately funny skits, all very short, all involving children. "Playground Politics" uses kids on a playground to explain how the USA exploits North Korea and Africa. The funniest was "Space Baby", which I can't find for embedding and isn't all that funny anyway.
  • A Break:
    • Headed to northern New Jersey for work for the next couple of days. Probably going to watch Lost and Idol when I get back on Thursday. Maybe I'll post if something fun happens, but seriously...

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angie said...

BOOOO!!! Just because YOU might not care much about hockey...

Actually, it wouldn't have been nearly as bad if it had been anyone other than Crosby scoring the overtime goal.