Monday, March 29, 2010


Couple of things besides the Final Four being complete, Duke screwing me out of a good amount of money, and it being set up next weekend with three good guys and a bad guy.

Went yesterday to go see Hot Tub Time Machine. It was a little awkward at the box office to ask for the movie by name, especially when the guy (supposedly) didn't hear me the first time I said it. Anyway, I got the tickets, sat down with raised expectations because of good reviews, and... I freaking loved it. It is laugh-out-loud funny almost throughout the entire movie. I looked up Rob Corddry's resume on IMDB and saw that the only big movie role he had ever really had was in Harold and Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay. Surprising, because he absolutely steals this movie. Everyone in it is funny, but he's the funniest. It may not be funnier than The Hangover, but it may be in that conversation and it definitely has funnier single lines. On top of that, it has a Back to the Future spoof in one scene that had me rolling. You want a good old profane R-rated movie with sex and sex jokes and people getting drunk until they puke? Go see it. Added bonus: Billy Zabka has a small role!

During halftime of one of the games today, I was searching through On Demand and came across a collection of some songs from VH1's Storytellers. I watched the performance of the Foo Fighters' "Big Me", which I highly recommend because it includes a well-told and very, very funny story. I watched a couple of other ones and for "This Is a Call," Dave Grohl talks about how it was his first single and how, when he cut it, he could never have imagined talking about it fifteen years later. The Foo Fighters have been around for fifteen years! Which brought me to this question: Could one consider the Foo Fighters a greater band than Nirvana? On one hand, Nirvana is known for their influence in making grunge music popular. On the other hand, the Foo Fighters have been around for much longer and have had many more hits. Sure, Cobain is considered a genius, but is that only because he's dead? I think I come down on the side of Nirvana, but it's not cut-and-dry and that's not something we could have foreseen fifteen years ago.

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