Monday, March 8, 2010

Oskie Boy

I avoided the Oscars tonight as much as possible, only watching the last four awards, which were all completely unsurprising. I don't really care, so I can't get but so worked up, but Carey Mulligan and Meryl Streep were both better in their respective movies than Sandra Bullock was in hers. If we're giving out Oscars for performances relative to their careers, then John Travolta deserves one every year because of Battlefield Earth.

I spent the Oscars watching Gonzaga beat Loyola Marymount in the WCC semifinals and Oral Roberts outlast North Dakota State in overtime in the Summit League quarterfinals (I had to watch that one online). I also saw Northern Iowa today for the first time this year. They are legit. They defend, they have size, they shoot very well from long distance, they go ten deep. If you don't count New Mexico as a mid-major, then there are three excellent mid-major teams this year with Gonzaga, Northern Iowa, and Butler. All three are very capable of going Sweet 16.

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