Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Final Half

Kansas going out wrecked everyone's bracket, but the craziness continued as all of the 1-seeds besides Duke are now gone (and Duke may very well lose tomorrow). My biggest Cinderella team, Butler, has now made it to the Final Four. Those games, next weekend, are being played in Indianapolis and the host school is, er, Butler. Think they may have chance to win it all in front of a raucous home crowd?

In the other game of the night, West Virginia advanced to the Final Four even though they had zero two-point field goals in the first half. Zero. I didn't believe in Kentucky because I didn't think they shot well enough from outside and I was positive that their lack of experience would show up. Sure enough, they missed their first twenty three-point shots and they exhibited a dearth of mental toughness. John Wall ends his brief college career by being outplayed by a guy who wasn't even starting two games ago.

Even with my brackets wrecked last week, I still have a chance to come out on top. It looks like if Baylor can win tomorrow and anyone but WVU wins the champsionship, I could win all of my pools and be in line for a nice payday. Which means that Duke is going to screw it up for me, as usual.

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