Monday, March 22, 2010

No, No, That's "Baby Alleged Killer"

  • The Monologue:
    • Universal Music Group has lowered the price of new CDs from most of their artists to $10 or less. Music connoisseurs are unhappy that they will now only be saving $10 when they illegally download the album.
    • Seven inches of snow fell and Dallas froze over on Saturday as Spring began. I can finally call that girl I met in that bar ten years ago. She is going to be so surprised.
    • I want to thank our new American hero, Randy Neugebauer (R-TX). You may think that he yelled, "Baby killer!" at Bart Stupak, but that's not the whole story. C-SPAN focused only on the podium and the audio off-mic kept cutting in and out. The whole story? Neugebauer actually yelled, "It's a baby killer whale!" when an orca entered the room to eat Vernon Ehlers (R-MI), who has worked to help marine biology issues in the Great Lakes and has become a known target of aquatic life. Thankfully, Ehlers was saved and was able to cast a meaningless "no" vote against health care reform.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • HBO's The Pacific is just brilliant. You'd expect as much from HBO and producers Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg, but that doesn't mean it was guaranteed to live up to expectations. The writing, visuals, story -- great.
    • A lot of shows are in HD and most look good, but certain shows have used that technology to great effect. A few I can think of off-hand include The Pacific, Rome, and Mad Men, but Discovery Channel's Life blows them all away. Visually, it's to other TV shows what Avatar was to other movies. It's really that pretty. I've only watched the first episode dealing with adaptation, but it includes topics like a group of three cheetahs taking down an ostrich, a tiny frog that goes to extraordinary lengths to protect its young, and a seal trapped by a group of aforementioned orca and trying to make a daring escape. It may still be fascinating in standard definition, but it must lose a great deal without the jaw-dropping photography.
    • 24 was really good the last couple weeks and again for the first, oh, 57/60ths of tonight's episode. The last three minutes? Well, I guess we now know why that whole Dana Walsh/ Jenny Scott subplot was supposed to be so important, but the twist itself made my eyes roll so fast that they spun right out of their sockets.
  • Random Music Video:
    • Forty-seven years ago today, the Beatles released their first album, Please Please Me. This was the first single released from that album.

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