Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowbliteration Movie #5: Paper Heart

From the 8:14 mark on, it's quite possible that Paper Heart is the greatest art form ever made in the history of civilization. I wouldn't know. I turned it off at 8:13. The movie is a fake documentary -- a "mockumentary", if you will -- about comedian Charlene Yi and her thoughts on love. Specifically, she's trying to find out if she believes in love by travelling the country and getting people's stories.

But I don't care if she believes in love or not. Why should I, as narcissistic as that topic is? On top of that, she's really annoying. You know all the anti-Michael Cera backlash because of how one-dimensional and annoying he is? She's dating Cera (apparently, he's in the movie also though after where I shut it off) and she's exactly the kind of person you'd imagine the kind of person like Michael Cera would like. So, since this isn't one of my "Worst of the Worst" movies (it did make a number of "Worst of 2009" lists), I don't have to watch the whole thing.


angie said...

I've been watching quite a bit of Netflix instantly during the snow storm, and guess what?! I found a movie you liked that I liked, too! The announcers' conversations in "Best in Show" were hilarious!

Josh said...

That's a classic. Fred Willard (the play-by-play guy) is amazing in that.