Friday, February 26, 2010

Reality, TV

I've had two different nights this week where I a) went to an event for young couples to find out I had been married longer than everyone else there and b) last night went to a bar near Dupont to find that, presumably, I was the oldest person there. Disheartening.

Nothing scripted besides 24 and Lost is on TV right now because of the Olympics, so last night was Survivor and the filler-heavy and who-cares-anyway first results show for American Idol. Sure, none of the four people I picked to get voted off actually got booted, though I did think Ashley Rodriguez had a serious chance to go. I'm a bit surprised about Janell Wheeler, because I figured she was too cute to go early, but whatever. Nobody has really been that good this season and the four who did get voted out were all pretty bad. I won't care until Lacey Brown or Tim Urban make the Top 12. Also, it sucks that my Joe Munoz jokes were cut tragically short.

As for Survivor, it's a little annoying that they played Parvati up all episode and then she didn't get any votes. Obviously, they need to get rid of her. The longer you let her hang around, the harder she is to get out. At the same time, it's much more fun with her than with Randy, so it's fine. And while Rob continues to be the big hero, there was some great Russell and some great Coach tonight. Russell did his craziness by stealing the machete, though you could see it coming a mile away as soon as Coach and Rob tried to tell him what to do. Coach totally looked like he was the great strategist/leader, but then he spoke lovingly of himself and quoted Martin Luther King. Man, I love Coach.

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