Wednesday, February 17, 2010


  • The Monologue:
    • Sarah Palin criticized Family Guy for a joke that it made. Next up, jousting competition versus windmill.
    • It's nice that Olympians can capitalize on their skills to go on to great careers. Snowboarders and figure skaters can do exhibitions. Biathletes can become deadly alpine killing machines. Curlers become the stars of the cleaning industry. It's all about where the sports take them.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • I was less than judicious with my DVR and still managed to watch tonight's two-hour filler episode of American Idol in a little less than an hour. First, their use of the same footage over and over again was bad. Second, they put through at least one singer who stinks. Is anyone not going to make it into the top twenty-four?
    • Watched a lot of basketball over the last two night. I'll hone my picks as we get into Championship Week, but here's a tidbit. Kansas is much more talented than any other team.
  • Lost Comments/Questions of the Week:
    • For an episode that gave us as big an answer (maybe?) as we've ever had, it was one hell of a head-scratcher. Let's work our way up to the end.
    • Nice to see John having a relatively happy life in LA (and the Hurley thing was great). Makes it tougher to take if you assume that the island is where everything is going to really go down.
    • Who the hell was that kid? Is he setting the rules? Did he trap Locke?
    • Who is Jacob protecting the island from, seeing as how the Man in Black is there? I assume it was a lie and the island really is important, but it does make it interesting to think that Jacob really was manipulating everyone.
    • And speaking of everyone, we'll get to the names. Everyone's there. Here is the Lost Easter Eggs blog post with the screencaps. Littleton? Faraday? Burke? Lewis? Straume? Goodspeed? All and more, but didn't see Kate's name.
    • And so we may just know what the numbers represent. The six most likely candidates: #4 Locke, #8 Reyes, #15 Sawyer, #16 Jarrah, #23 Shephard, #42 Kwon. What do the numbers exactly stand for, though? Not the order in which Jacob visited them.
    • Answers, but I'm left even more confused than before. Lot of wrap up to do in the next thirteen episodes!

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