Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowbliteration Movie #4: Star Trek

There's not much to say about the Super Bowl. The ads were pretty bad and mostly insulting (every man is stupid, every woman is smarter and/or controlling), the Who was really boring, the game itself was entirely unmemorable except for the onside kick, the outcome, and Drew Brees crying while holding his son. Going in, I was happy either way. I neither loved nor hated either team. I discovered that that led to me not really caring about the game. So the Saints won, that's great. Good for them. I can't remember why I was worrying so much about not being able to see the game when I was lying under 7 blankets at 3PM in a 46-degree house.

Similarly, there's not much to say about Star Trek, a movie I had already seen in the theater. I like it as much or more than I remembered. It's exciting, the cast has superb chemistry, Abrams does a great job of making it accessible to people who are not big fans of the source material. I think I sleep on it when I name my favorite movies of the year and, seeing as how it's certainly better than The Blind Side, it may have deserved a nomination for Best Picture in this new watered-down please-the-fans format.

The roads are awful out there and everything is closed tomorrow, so I may actually have a shot at making it through most or all of the movies I still have. Shoot, everything may be closed on Tuesday as bad as it all is, and there's somewhere between four inches and a foot more coming on Wednesday. I looked outside at one point to see Chewbacca shoot an imperial scout droid. My dog is just lucky that he's too small to climb inside.

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And I thought he smelled bad on the outside...