Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Proof: Why The World Sucks

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Here's a good example of why a sports talk station just doesn't work in a town where you don't have teams in at least three of the big four sports. Last night, Manny Ramirez hit a home run to pass Mickey Mantle on the all-time list. Every show today on ESPN or elsewhere (I didn't listen to 106.7 today, but I assume it happened there) had a discussion between which player is/was better. Who cares? I'm as big a baseball fan and as big a fan of baseball history as you'll find, but it's a dumb discussion. They are/were entirely different players.
    • I'm glad that Facebook poker has a tournament to win a ton of chips that lets you get into the second stage and get a huge chip lead then kicks you off. I know Microsoft has issues, but if you have a program that doesn't work well with IE, you may want to fix it, because most of the world isn't using Chrome.
    • Good to see that racism can show up even at the most storied of Ivy League schools. Not racism? Just mistaken identity that got out of control? Okay, sure, the Harvard police don't have a history of this, right?
  • Random Hatred and/or Love:
    • I was ready to just do an essay tonight. Something along the lines of, "Leave Sarah alone! Leave Sarah alone right NOW!" But I just couldn't work up the patience, the humor, or the passion to commit to it. I mean, seriously.
  • Random Music Video:
    • You know how music sucks now? Both because we're old and because music sucks? Exhibit A: "You're A Jerk" by New Boyz. It's all about how they're a jerk and how being a jerk means they're "jerkin'". The downfall of society, ladies and gentlemen. And the song is horrible.


Elisha said...

I'm just amazed it took about 40 seconds to hear any lyric other than "Jerk, jerk, jerk" or "I'm a jerk." Quality song-writing!

Marissa said...

Odd, because a lot of Facebook features actually break in Chrome.

Josh said...

That was just my "bitter because my good poker play for no real money got wasted" rant, so I picked the most anti-IE browser I could think of. Could have used Firefox, but my co-worker is always going off about how perfect Google is and how Microsoft sucks, so I reached for Chrome out of pro-establishment bitterness.