Monday, July 27, 2009

One Down, Four To Go

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Watched the initial miniseries that became the Transformers TV show. It's a bit cheesy, as one would expect, but I also forgot how much Soundwave kicked ass in the old cartoon.
    • Still holding off on the Mad Men post. Hard to wait. Not too much out there that approaches actual perfection, so it's hard to not gush about it. But I didn't get antsy. It never happened. It will shock you how much this never happened.
    • Put off Hung and Entourage for a night to finish season one of Lost. You have the opening of the hatch, the first time you actually see the monster, the introduction of The Others as a tangible group, the Black Rock, the introduction of Ana Lucia, and more. Lot of stuff. What stands out? The monster grabs Locke and pulls him into a hole (familiar from this past season, no heiroglyphics obviously) and Jack saves him by having Kate throw dynamite in the hole so the monster leaves. Locke gets angry, says that he would have been fine if the monster had pulled him under. It was a test. The island was testing him, it had called them all there for a specific reason, it was destiny. As far as we know up to the end of the penultimate season? There's the explanation of what's going on in this show, with "the island" as a substitute for "Jacob". It all just sounded like some of Locke's "Man of Faith" mumbo-jumbo back then.
    • Coming next: naked Scotsman runs through woods, brutha.
  • Random Hatred and/or Love:
    • A beautiful day in DC just seems prettier than the same day in a lot of other cities. Because of a snafu with my SmartTrip card and my unwillingness to fight a million post-Nats game Metro riders to get it figured out, I walked a couple of miles this afternoon around Capitol Hill. Upper 80s/low 90s, lazy Sunday afternoon, walking past the Capitol with maybe five or six tourists strolling around and some cops hanging out. Worse places to be.
  • Random Music "Video":
    • New Pearl Jam, no video yet, just the song. Pretty good.

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