Thursday, July 9, 2009

One, Two, Freddy's Movie Was Poo

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • I'm thinking Bruno tomorrow night. Review to follow.
    • It's fun to hate Michael Bay. This piece from killed me. My office door was open when I was reading it and I had to keep pretending to cough because my laughter was uncontrollable.
    • I'm done with Michael Jackson, he's buried, let's move on. But today, on the ride home, I blasted "Human Nature" and "Pretty Young Thing". Couldn't help myself.
    • The more I get through Lost's first season, the more I'm convinced that Locke was possessed or something similar the whole time. You have all of the black and white imagery: the backgammon pieces, the stones held by "Adam and Eve" in the cave. What pushed me over the top were two scenes. One was the dream that Claire had right before she was taken by Ethan -- Locke is dealing out cards and when he looks at her, one eye is a black backgammon piece and the other is a white one. Second, when Sayid stumbles back into camp after escaping Rousseau, he talks about how there are other people on the island; Locke is shown specifically, looking very menacing and standing outside of the circle of people helping Sayid. Was he possessed all along by Jacob's adversary? Was he being tested by both Jacob and the enemy? Probably not evil all along, because it took his death for the enemy to truly take over. If he was the major pawn in the game, or at least the major pawn among the castaways, then it all began when the monster came to him and it calls into question whether the monster is working for Jacob's adversary or whether it's neutral, or was neutral at one point.
  • Random Hatred and/or Love:
    • I think a fair question is: What did Steve McNair do to put himself in the position where his twenty-year-old mistress killed him? Obviously, he didn't deserve death, but what warning signs of an unstable person were there and how did he make himself vulnerable?
  • Overrated/Underrated:
    • Nightmare on Elm Street is severely overrated. Gremlins continues to be underrated.

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