Sunday, July 19, 2009

Potter? I Barely Know Her!

Saw the new Harry Potter movie today. It, like the book it was based on, is more or less a setup for the ending. I think the series was basically three books of Act I, three books of Act II, and Act III was all contained in the best and last book. This movie is pretty good, not great. It seems to skip details here or there, so I wonder if someone who hadn't read the book could totally follow everything. Don't know, since I can't unread it. It's got some good dark parts and a really good scary part. The acting is decent, though I feel like Daniel Radcliffe gave a better performance in the fifth movie, The Order of the Phoenix. The two-part seventh movie should be really good since the book was really good. If that's the case, this movie, as setup, will likely look better in retrospect. As it is, I have it as the third-best Potter movie, behind #5 and #3 and ahead of #2, #1, and the not-so-good #4.

There weren't many better bands in the 1970s than Heart, one of America's truly underappreciated acts. I was going to show you a live performance of "Magic Man", but then I came across this one that I had seen a month or so ago when Bill Simmons sent the link out via Twitter. Nancy Wilson used to be kind of hot and the band just freaking rocks so much.

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Marissa said...

Heart was my first real rock-n-roll concert (saw them in 1987...I have to admit, I saw the Monkees in 1986). They still kick butt.