Monday, July 6, 2009

Grand Funk Railroad Excluded

  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Finally read the Vanity Fair article about that chick that used to be the governor of Alaska. Ouch! She does not seem like a nice, balanced person!
    • Annoyed that the one good shot of Tiger on the 6th yesterday has the crowd that was just to our left. A slightly different angle and we'd be right in it.
    • A second consecutive funny Weeds episode. Maybe it's turning around. With Entourage back this Sunday, it could be a nice respite from the boring summer.
  • Random Hatred and/or Love:
    • I'm old. I get almost no sleep on Friday night and then walk around a bunch yesterday and I'm groggy and sore all day today. I used to shrug that crap off with no problem.
  • We're An American Band:
    • Thinking about the acts I saw in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I can pick out the best bands. If the best rock band ever isn't the Beatles, then it's the Rolling Stones. Maybe one could make an argument that the Who belongs close to the top. All British. So who's the greatest American band? Aerosmith? Metallica? None of them seem right.


Elisha said...

How about The Doors? James Douglas Morrison was dreamy, and a pretty awesome front man.

Jackson 5? Not super rock, but they did influence music.

CCR? They seem like they might not have been mainstream enough to really be THE American band.

Just some thoughts.

Roy said...

Sorry sorry sorry for the long response. I just loved these topics. The Vanity Fair article was long but AMAZING! So nice to get confirmation on some of the whacked out rumors that no one thought could possibly be true, like her loading her own concession speech for election night, or reaching out to supporters to not forget her next primary season during the October march to the election, basically saying she expected them to lose.

The greatest American rock band? That's a tough one. Nothing is going to seem right; we end up comparing to the Beatles or the Stones. If we can put that aside, I can make a few arguments. First off, let me say that some internet site arguments settle on Pearl Jam. I acknowledge most of the points people make, but I just don't feel it, especially for a group that for so long tried to make music no one would like to listen to.

I like Elisha's mention of the Doors. I just don't have the passion to make the argument for them. I want to mention four bands.

Guns N' Roses: There was that time period where no one was bigger than Guns N' Roses. The list of hits turned Rock classics is long, though the Billboard hits list falls shorter. The individuals that made up the band have gone on to legend status. They lived the rock and roll lifestyle. It's just that post 2000 era the hurts their case.

The Beach Boys: The list of hits, and top 5 Billboard hits as well, are stellar. This was a band that, like the Beatles and Stones, had a second act (Pet Sounds), and a third act(Kokomo & the comeback). Generations identify them with America. The biggest knock; the music just doesn't age well. "Don't worry Baby" is still a 10 out of 10.

Van Halen: This band has provided more influence than most any American band, especially Eddie on guitar. The music was fun, the tones were most definitely American. The fighting and the changing of the singers both added to and detracts from their legend status. But while their music has aged much better than "The Beach Boys" the band has aged far worse.

Aerosmith: It may not feel right at first, but I think this is about as close as they come. The hits span decades, the songs stand the test of time, the band is still out there, still getting it done, touring almost on a Stones level. Platinum or multi albums in the 70's, 80's, 90's, and 2000's. "Walk this way" with RunDMC changed music, and culture, in a bunch of different ways. They put in the work, lived the hard rock life style, and still have level heads and a sense of humor about it all now. Are they the Stones or the Beatles? No, but nobody is. Pretty much all of the other bands could dream of having the rep and career they've had and have.

Are they my favorite "legend" American band? No, that's probably Metallica or Rage Against the Machine, but I can't really make the argument for them, plus that's the era I grew up in, so I know I oversell it.

Marissa said...

If you're going for most influential, it has to be Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

angie said...

Where's Jaimie? I want to see her argue for Bon Jovi!