Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Your List Sucks!: Do What You'd Do

First watch this:

"I'll go to Washington and do what you'd do." Here are the Top 5 Things Christine O'Donnell Will Do in Washington:
  • 5. Go to the zoo. She can look in the small mammal house for those famous human-brained mice.
  • 4. Search for street parking in Penn Quarter. Once she finds a spot, she can search Chinatown for people plotting to take over the US.
  • 3. Grab a beer at the Brickskellar. When finished, she can walk around Dupont and diagnose identity disorders.
  • 2. Walk around Northwest DC. While she's there, she can visit K Street, where she can go to the lobbying firm American Solutions to find its founder, a certain Mr. Gingrich, and obtain eye of Newt for her next "project."
  • 1. Visit Capitol Hill. She can chide all of the congresspeople she meets, since we know how much she hates self-congratulation.

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