Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Sports Predictions

  • Giants in 7. Yes, that means they'd have to beat Cliff Lee, but they have the superior pitching overall. While the Rangers were just better than the Yankees, the Giants were not as good as the Phillies but found a way to win. I give that a lot of credit.
  • The team with the best record in the NFC will not have a good enough record to have been a wildcard team in the AFC. When you consider that only five of the Ravens, Steelers, Jets, Patriots, Titans, Colts, and Texans, will make the playoffs, it's reasonable to imagine that an 11-5 team could miss the playoffs. Is the best record in the NFC going to be 12-4 or better?
  • The Lakers will complete Phil Jackson's third separate threepeat. I'm not judging the Heat based on one night where Wade was hurt and they hadn't yet gelled. I just think Kobe is going to will the Lakers to victory because of all of the hype in Miami.
  • Michigan State will win the National Championship in basketball. They are #2 in the preseason polls and return most of their players from last year's surprise Final Four team. Michigan State is dangerous when they have marginal talent. When they're good? Watch out.

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