Monday, October 4, 2010


In less than a week, this blog will have been in existence for three years. Over those three years and however many of the blog's 1,041 posts for which I am responsible, I pride myself on never having been entirely sincere. So I hope that you will forgive me -- you really have no choice anyway -- putting off TV or why the Ravens' victory was not actually a miracle, as the radio guys said, to be sincere for the first, and hopefully only, time. I'm sure that it being almost 2 in the morning helps, as if I'm a pensive drunk, except I'm drunk on lack of sleep. But I just need to write something somewhere and it can't be on Twitter, on which I am even more sarcastic than here.

There is an indescribable quality to staring at your young child and pondering how anything in this world can be so perfect, innocent, and untainted. It is something that seems impossible until you're in the moment.

It's a good thing the children are our future. I just hope we are able to teach them well and know enough to step back and let them lead the way.

Okay, so it lasted two sentences.

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