Monday, October 4, 2010

An Impossible Whip Acted Upon By A Supernatural Force

  • The Monologue:
    • An article on Yahoo tonight wants to teach you new buzzwords and phrases in the workplace, like "take it offline." While you're at it, I don't understand "groovy" or "I can dig it" either.
    • A study says that racially-motivated predatory loans helped fuel the housing crisis. In other earth-shattering news, the sky is often blue.
    • Snooki wrote a book. The cover is white, but was sprayed to look orange.
  • Random Pop Culture
    • This season of Mad Men is easily the best season this show has ever had, but it just continues to get more and more depressing. Not that it couldn't still happen, but I had a pit in my stomach in this episode as I became more and more sure that Roger was going to kill himself.
    • They're doing some interesting plot stuff on Dexter to have the side characters move the season's story along as Dex deals with his introspective stuff. It's not as good a show when he's not on screen, but it makes sense to not put everything on hold.
    • The Ravens radio guys referred to the winning TD pass yesterday as a miracle. A miracle means something that seems impossible, but is enacted by the physical involvement of some supernatural force. "Miracle" is a word that is way overused. The Steelers had been very loose in letting the Ravens run out patterns to get down the field, so with no safety back, Houshmandzadeh faked an out pattern, Flacco pump faked to freeze the corner, and Houshmandzadeh cut up field and was wide open. Good set-up. Bad defense. Act of a supernatural force?
  • Random Video:
    • The Smiths played their first live show together twenty-eight years ago today. I've never tried to compile a list of my favorite songs, but this would be right near the very top.

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