Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Night TV

TV from Sunday:
  • Still nobody separating themselves in the NFL. The Ravens lost a game they could have had. The Steelers beat a severely undermanned opponent. The Jets won on a horrific pass interference call (the call itself wasn't that bad, but the fact that they could win by essentially throwing a hail mary and hoping someone interfered was). To add to it, the Falcons looked like crap and the Saints looked like the Saints again. Who knows?
  • I still have no favorite team on The Amazing Race. Everyone is either stupid, annoying, bickering, or some combination of the three. It's still fun to watch, but I have nobody to root for.
  • Hard to imagine Dexter could follow up its best season without being disappointing in some way, but it's been very good again. It was nice to see the cop storylines finally involve him.
  • And, what else was on? Hmmm. Oh, yeah, the Mad Men season finale. It was surreal. Last year's was surreal because it was so tonally different than anything that had come before. This year's was surreal because it just didn't make much sense while you were watching it. I think it does actually make some sense when you think about Henry Francis' line about how there are no fresh starts. In light of that line, the characters may be in for some very sad awakenings as season five starts. The episode was good overall, but Elizabeth Moss was particularly awesome and the scene between her and Christina Hendricks was as good as anything this season besides the Don-Peggy episode.

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