Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maury! Maury!

  • The Monologue: Brett Favre Edition
    • No way it could have been Favre texting pictures. He's too old to do that. He telegraphed his passes tonight.
    • Why does Favre wear 4? Shouldn't he have worn 6 or 8 to at least cast some doubt?
    • In the end, Favre came up short tonight.
  • Random Pop Culture: How I Met Your Mother Edition
    • I have a lot of complaints about tonight's episode, which was actually pretty funny overall.
    • The laugh track is never more apparent than when the gang is outside or on the subway. At least in the bar, you can pretend it's a studio audience.
    • The show was reasonably realistic, in a farcical way, about the subway. But there was basically no traffic?
    • This episode would have benefited greatly from a Cash Cab gag. Did the writers try for it and 30 Rock had already taken it, or are they just that much less creative than the 30 Rock writers?
    • Biggest of all, the frame story continues to be horrible. The producers created this whole thing that now drags on everything. The idea of a father telling the story this way is ridiculous. The stagnant motion towards the mother is frustrating. Tonight, older Ted confirms with his kids, in 2030, that they know who Maury Povich is. Any chance kids in 2030 will know who Maury Povich is? Bad, bad writing.
  • Random Video:
    • Daryl Hall is 61 today.

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