Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Year In The Making

I hold these truths to be self-evident:
  • Congrats to a Yankees team that is much more likeable than their past brethren. I found myself even a little happy for them at the end. No Clemens, no Mussina, no Giambi, no O'Neill. Even with A-Rod and Teixeira, it's sort of okay because they didn't have much to do with the actual Series win. Mostly Jeter, Damon, Matsui, and Rivera. Could have been worse.
  • The Yankees had only five more hits and four more runs than the Phillies in the Series, but the secret to their victory was timeliness. It seemed like every time the Phillies scored, the Yanks would score the next inning, no more noticeable than tonight when Rollins' sac fly made it 2-1 and the Yanks scored two more in their next at-bat to essentially put the game away.
  • My biggest question for the Phillies, besides how did Howard and Ibanez disappear so completely, is: Why did they barely use J.A. Happ in the Series? Maybe he would have started Game 7 if he didn't have to pitch tonight, but he was their best pitcher throughout the regular season and he should have gotten the ball at some point, especially to start tonight if Pedro was sick.
  • So congrats again to the Yankees and their fans. Considering the current state of the Rangers, Knicks, Giants, and Jets, I'm sure they're all very excited about Spring Training in three or so months.
  • The current major sports title holders are the Yankees, Lakers, Steelers, and Penguins. Front-runner's dream.
  • Otherwise, turned away from the game after it was out of reach (only turning back to see the very end) and watched Dexter. It can be an up and down show, but this week's was an up episode. Just enough of each of the supporting characters and some good humor thrown in.
  • Where were we one year ago tonight? I'm writing this sentence at 12:13. One year, one hour, and thirteen minutes ago:

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