Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Gates Of Hell

So I went out this morning around 7 to buy Tiger Woods 10 and a Wii Motion Plus. The game was half-price at Walmart and not discounted anywhere else. I waited in line for an hour just to buy one item, but it was totally worth it. It's all about the watching how people react. Some highlights:
  • Standing next to a meeting of police and Walmart management as they discussed some of the goings-on of the morning. One person had apparently impersonated an employee in order to shoplift and people were selling the "doorbuster" TVs in the parking lot for a profit.
  • Watching people in front of me leave their carts to keep grabbing more and more items. When they got to the register to find out those items weren't actually on sale? They bought none of them.
  • Someone applauding another shopper for grabbing a copy of Fast and Furious because it was "like, a really great movie."
  • The fact that more people were in one of the various lines around the store than were actually shopping.
  • My favorite: someone coming up to one of the managers standing near me and asking, "Where are all of your Snuggies?"

In the meantime, I shot a 100 and hurt my back on the first round I played of the game. The gyroscope attachment actually reads your swing, so any little bit off and the ball is flying all over the place. Can't knock the realism.

On the plus side, I didn't drink and drive today like some video game-naming golfer we know.

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Elisha said...

You completely missed the unique parking methods of Black Friday shoppers. Sure, you had those who adhered to the "rules" and parked within the lines of pre-determined parking spots, but you also had those creative souls who decided that rules weren't for them, and any available patch of concrete or grassy area was fair game.