Sunday, November 29, 2009

NFL Picks, Week 12

Didn't post them last week, but I was 7-9, making me 90-69-1. Add 2-1 on Thursday (got the Dallas-Oakland game wrong) to go to 92-70-1:
  • Atlanta (-12.5) vs. Tampa Bay: Hard to figure out this Atlanta team. They have the ability to put together good games, but they rarely do. Sort of like Green Bay but healthier.
  • Miami (-3) at Buffalo: Miami's playing some good ball, even without their best player.
  • Cincinnati (-14) vs. Cleveland: The Bengals have to be pissed after their loss at Oakland last week.
  • Seattle (-3) at St. Louis: I know the Rams have played decently the last couple of weeks, but they're getting only three?
  • New York Jets (-3) vs. Carolina: This means that on a neutral field, Vegas thinks the Jets are basically even with the Panthers. What a fall from 3-0 grace.
  • Washington (+9) at Philadelphia: The Skins stink, but they haven't quit and they play teams close.
  • Houston (+3.5) vs. Indianapolis: I picked the Texans to win this outright in my office pool. Can they? Freeney's hurt and Houston only lost the last game by three when their kicker missed at the buzzer. Indy has to lose at some point. Spread-wise, I'll happily take 3-1/2.
  • San Diego (-13.5) vs. Kansas City: Shocked this line is this low.
  • Jacksonville (+3) at San Francisco: Coin flip, part one. Came up heads.
  • Tennessee (PK) vs. Arizona: Coin flip, part two. Came up tails.
  • Minnesota (+10.5) vs. Chicago: Another one with a surprisingly small line. Minnesota is not playing close games right now.
  • Baltimore (PK) vs. Pittsburgh: Dennis Dixon is starting at QB for the Steelers. On a side note, kudos to House for finally, this week, making a joke about how much Omar Epps looks like Mike Tomlin.
  • New Orleans (+3) vs. New England: I really don't know. Just hard to pick against the Saints.

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