Monday, November 16, 2009

While Waiting For The Adrenaline Rush To Die Down At 12:45AM

  • NFL Week 10:
    • I watched football all day, but it's really hard to remember anything at this point besides the ending to Pats-Colts. So hard to believe. I was surprised that Belichick went for it, but not that surprised, because he does that sometimes. I was more surprised at how he wasted his timeouts, which ended up hurting the team as much as anything else.
    • Great day though. Other last-second wins for the Jaguars, Dolphins, and Chiefs. A huge win for the Bengals that all but clinches the division for them. The top teams stand out, but the wild card picture has started to get very muddy.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • I'm pretty surprised at how well Brian and Ericka have hung around The Amazing Race. I don't think they're a real threat to win, but Brian has willed them far beyond what anyone could have expected.
    • I like that there has been, in effect, a Seinfeld reunion, but it's just happening on a different show. They even brought back George's mother, Banya, and Newman for tonight's episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. But (surprise, surprise) the greatness of the episode came from Leon's portrayal of a Jew. First, that he dressed like someone from the Nation of Islam. Second, that it led to them finally riffing on Michael Richards' racial problems. And more than any of those, his made-up rant about being Jewish and having Groat's Disease. "Danny Duberstein is good at two things: math and f***ing." So many great lines this season.
    • I was going to watch Dexter, but I ended up deciding to watch the last ten minutes of the football game, just until the Pats put it away. Glad I decided to do that.
  • Coming Up:
    • I may post tomorrow during the day, but I have rather unexpectedly been called to a week of meetings in Manhattan. I'm taking the train up tomorrow afternoon and coming back Friday evening. So, hopefully I'll have the chance to post something, but it may just be about night life in the big city.

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