Monday, November 23, 2009

Find One Another

  • The Monologue:
    • Hundreds of icebergs are leaving Antarctica and floating towards warmer weather. Just like the thousands of Goldbergs that move to Florida.
    • Heidi Klum took her husband Seal's last name. From now on, she will be known as Heidi.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • How I Met Your Mother has its moments, but it outdid itself tonight. Not only did Chris Elliott have a role, but they made a Get A Life reference with Elliott living in his parents' basement. A current TV show made a Get A Life reference. That's gold.
    • The season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm was very funny, though not as funny as some of the other episodes this season. It didn't need to be, though; it just needed to give us a true Seinfeld reunion and wrap up the Larry/Cheryl story. It did both well. It also, like many of the jokes this season, gave us a new social faux pas to beware of. "Having said that..." The conversation about why that phrase is so bad was dead on. Throw it with "whatnot" in the pile of things not to say.
    • I'll echo the reviews of the Curb episode that have asked that, if there is a next season, Jerry Seinfeld become a regular character. His chemistry with Larry is too good to not see again at some point down the road. Shoot, they should just get a talk show. I'd make it appointment TV to just watch them talk about nothing for a half hour a week.
    • Last week's Grey's Anatomy was its Christmas episode. The week before Thanksgiving. Didn't like it, for some reason.
  • Random TV Scene:
    • While we're on last week, Community had a pretty mediocre episode that built into two of the best minutes of this TV season. Here are those two minutes:

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Anonymous said...

Get A Life is one of the most underrated tv series of our time, right up there with The Critic.