Sunday, November 1, 2009

NFL Picks

A rare second post for the day for my picks. Would love to also comment on the baseball game, but ugh. Last week, 5-7-1; overall, 59-43-1:
  • Houston (-3.5) at Buffalo: I'm totally prepared for Buffalo to win this game.
  • Miami (+3.5) at New York Jets: There haven't been many stupid controversies than the one over Mark Sanchez eating a hot dog on the sidelines last week.
  • Indianapolis (-13.5) vs. San Francisco: No reason to bet against Manning.
  • Detroit (-4) vs. St. Louis: This game is blacked out in Detroit. They're actually lucky.
  • Dallas (-9.5) vs. Seattle: Seattle's toast.
  • Chicago (-13) vs. Cleveland: Chicago has to show some kind of fire at some point, right?
  • Baltimore (-3) vs. Denver: I'd expect a push, though this is also somewhat wishful thinking.
  • New York Giants (-1.5) at Philadelphia: The Eagles just aren't that good.
  • San Diego (-16.5) vs. Oakland: Thump.
  • Tennessee (-3) vs. Jacksonville: Yes, I'm betting on Vince Young. But they just can't keep losing, can they?
  • Arizona (-10) vs. Carolina: I don't believe it ended well for the Panthers the last time these two teams faced off.
  • Green Bay (-3) vs. Minnesota: Who the hell knows? This could go either way.
  • New Orleans (-11) vs. Atlanta: The first time I saw the over/under was Wednesday when it was at 54 (my guess was 60). It's now at 55. What total would surprise you? 70 points? 80?

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