Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Clouds Away

  • The Monologue:
    • Lou Dobbs quit CNN. As a cost-cutting measure, he has been replaced by an illegal immigrant.
    • The rumors of Aerosmith's demise were proven to be entirely untrue, as frontman Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry appeared together. They reunited to form a new band, Tyler/Perry, that promises to sing poorly-written one-note feel-good tunes.
    • Wal-Mart has changed its rules for Black Friday to guard against any riots. It's their new "Let's try not to kill anyone this year, guys" policy.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • How will the Amazing Race final leg not come down to a tight race between the surfers and the Globetrotters? It would be a big upset if they weren't the #1/#2 teams in some order.
    • The first few minutes of the second episode of V were awful. Awful. I almost shut it off and stopped watching for good. It got a little better as the show went on, but the dialogue is cheesy and the special effects are cheap-looking. My big hope comes from the fact that ABC switched show-runners, so perhaps upcoming episodes will be better.
    • I will say that V is exactly half as good as Spike Lee's movie, X.
    • Thursday night football starts tomorrow, so get your picks and your lineups in. So early to start this; we have to be moving towards oversaturation, right?
  • Random Music Video:
    • Clearing off the DVR tonight (Amazing Race, House, V) and in between shows the channel happened to be on ABC, which tonight was broadcasting the CMA Awards. Not my cup of tea. However, the Zac Brown Band -- shocker, a country act I have never heard of -- was on and playing one of the great songs of all time, "The Devil Went Down To Georgia". Sick. Here's a different performance of their version of the song:


angie said...

I still like my version of that song...


Anonymous said...

So, is Spike Lee's "X" exactly one-third as good as the Vin Diesel vehicle "xXx"?