Monday, November 2, 2009

Singing In The Rain

Well, it's very late because I had to watch Mad Men after the baseball game ended. I'm saving my Mad Men thoughts for tomorrow because I'll probably watch the episode again. It was troubling. I don't know if that's because of the subject matter, because of how incredibly dark it was towards the end (if you couldn't tell, the lack of lighting in every house and office was making it obvious), or because the story was advanced so minimally outside of the last five minutes or so. I'll get to it tomorrow, including how I learned about 9/11. I think, if nothing else, tonight's episode should make us think about that.

  • The Yankees have done such a great job of answering any Philly momentum in the last three games. Every time the Phillies go ahead or tie it, the Yankees answer almost immediately. Once Damon got on in the ninth tonight, I had no doubt that the Yankees would go ahead. It was just a matter of whether or not the Phillies could tie it up against Rivera. Once Posada put the Yanks up three, the comeback was out of the question.
  • Lee should win tomorrow night. Burnett on three days' rest is probably a pretty bad idea. That may also be the case for Pettitte, so the Series isn't totally over yet. Except it probably is. The Phillies will have a chance to send it to Game 7, but they could just as easily go very quietly, considering how the last few games have gone.
  • The Ravens usually play very well against the Broncos, but today's game was still a surprisingly easy win. The only time I felt nervous in any way was one a Broncos drive at the end of the first half that ended with a punt just outside of field goal range. Otherwise, the only time Denver moved the ball was on a questionable pass interference penalty. Complete domination in all three aspects -- especially special teams -- by the Ravens. Big game in Cincinnati next week. Biggest game of the season so far.
  • I don't know if it's a conditioning thing, but the Vikings continue to fall apart on defense in the second half of games. Luckily, their offense is great, so they stay ahead, but this keeps happening.
  • I guess we learned that the Giants and Jets both aren't that good. So at least Yankees fans will feel bittersweet tomorrow.


Steve said...

The pass interference call was actually legit. THe defender (Lewis???) grabbed the receiver's hand while the ball was on its way. It was pretty clear from the TV replay.

Anonymous said...

The Vikings dominate the first half, then teams make adjustments at half time-- but Minnesota can't seem to counter those adjustments. I actually think the Vikes got exposed, and what the Packers did should be a blueprint for everyone else in the league. Minnesota's front seven is as good as any in the NFL, but the secondary is pretty average; they shut down opponents passing games with pressure up front. So if you get rid of the ball really quickly on short routes, you can move the ball on them. Green Bay did this, and wisely abandoned the run, and almost came back to win.

I think the Phillies are done, sorry to say. It may not end tonight, but I don't think the Yanks will drop two at home. Either way, I'll be watching the Saints-Falcons game instead.


Josh said...

I more meant the pass interference on Foxworth that led to the huge yardage. It's impossible to see from how far away I was, but it looked on the replay like he didn't interfere.

It was pretty remarkable how Rodgers kept getting the ball short to Jennings or Driver and they'd make one guy miss and get extra yards.

Betsy said...

I actually watched Mad Men on time for once (well, pretty close to on time) and came online to see your blog about it last night. I also watched it twice. =) And I definitely noticed how dark it was, but I feel like Don's house always seems so dark. Maybe it just seems that way against all the office scenes.