Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 1

Holy crap, I was 12-2 against the spread for Thursday and Sunday. No chance I've ever done that well my whole life. I didn't get to watch a ton of games because I was actually at the Ravens one, but here are my notes on an exciting first week:
  • The Ravens rolled up 500 yards of offense, a franchise record, and look to be the #1 offense after the first week. Not likely that they will stay that way, but Flacco was extremely impressive, as was the three-headed running back tandem.
  • Of course, the big story of the Ravens game was the crazy back-door cover. They were favored by 13 and tied with five minutes left. They scored on a perfect pass from Flacco to Clayton, then kicked the ball off to the Chiefs. The Chiefs' returner should have knelt in the end zone, but instead ran it out and got tackled around the 15. A couple of sacks and a turnover-on-downs later and the Ravens had the ball inside the Chiefs 5. KC had two timeouts, so the Ravens had to run plays, which led to them scoring a TD for a 14-point victory. It must have been wild in Vegas.
  • Drew Brees is on pace to throw 96 TD passes for the year. I like having him on my fantasy team. He's good.
  • The Stokley catch. Wow. Gus Johnson on the call, no less. Both the Broncos and the Bengals really stink.
  • The Giants don't -- they dismantled the Redskins. Ditto Seattle, even if they were only playing St. Louis. A healthy Hasselbeck is big for them.
  • The Sunday night game was really good, if ugly at first. Cutler not only threw three picks early, but he kept throwing it to Packers defenders, who kept dropping the ball. He could have thrown more than he did. The Green Bay call on 3rd and 1 for the long bomb to Jennings for the game-winner was pretty, but not that gutsy. They would have gone, and much more conservatively, on 4th. Cutler with four picks, though. That last one was totally on the wide receiver. Maybe Cutler misses Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal just the tiniest bit?
  • I'm down 35 points in one of my fantasy leagues, but I have Brady and LT going tomorrow night. Root for Tom Brady? I guess it's just against Buffalo. Nobody wants to see T.O. win.

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