Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hollis and -- Mr. Campbell

  • The Monologue:
    • Universal in Orlando is opening a new Harry Potter-themed amusement park. It'll all go well until some kid gets the actual hog warts from the other kids in the wave pool.
    • Congress rebuked Joe Wilson, which is all well and good, but did they have to hire Tom Hanks to come in and scream at him?
    • Not only is Donovan McNabb hurt, but now one of the Eagles' starting tackles is out for the season. No truth to the rumor that the injuries happened when an unnamed teammate convinced the players to fight each other.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • After all this time, Mad Men finally made the jump from dealing exclusively with sexism to tackling racism. Still plenty of sexism in the episode, with everything having to do with the birth and with Peggy's plea for equal pay, but we can look at two specific scenes that introduced race as a major topic on the show by calling back to previous scenes. One was when the Admiral executive responded to Campbell's suggestion of "integrated" ads targeted to blacks and whites by asking it maybe blacks only want to buy things because they think whites want them. Almost the exact same thing was said in the past (can't remember if it was this season or last) regarding women only buying things because they think men want them to. The first and considerably bigger scene was the one between Campbell and Hollis in the elevator. Campbell's total lack of ignorance of how Hollis might be thinking, his use of "American dream" in the whitest possible sense of the phrase, and Hollis' interjection of "Mr. Campbell" when Pete tries to say they are friends. Putting aside Sal's dalliance in the season premiere, that was about as shocking a scene as the season has had so far. It's June, 1963 (Evers was assasinated on the 12th); "I Have A Dream" was delivered on August 28th. I'm assuming they'll hit that in the show, which will bring race further towards the forefront, though I think the safe guess is that the season will actually end sometime around or after November 22.
    • David Brooks of the Times on why things are so much worse now than they were in 1945. Give me a damn break. It's so lame and stupid that I can't work up the fervor to go after him. Because nobody was ever egotistical until the '60s.
    • Didn't get a chance to see 90210 tonight. I'm waiting for a football game so that I can watch it instead. Seriously though, the title of tonight's episode was "To Sext or Not To Sext". How awesome does that sound?
  • Random Video:
    • I love the president. I don't care if you hate his health care plan or disagree with his politics. One listen to this and you'll love him too. Because he said it perfectly:

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angie said...

He had me at "except for PETA!"