Friday, September 11, 2009


  • The Monologue:
    • I just got back in from taking my dog out. I'm a good neighbor though; I totally brought a bag to clean up the Steeler O-line play that he left in the yard.
    • It's kind of nice to see Hines Ward not smiling for once, huh?
    • After the way the Steelers ran the ball tonight, combined with Polamalu's injury, I didn't appreciate Joe Wilson heckling me for picking the Steelers #1 last night.
    • Joe Wilson's opponent raised $400,000 today. $400,000. I have a feeling that if we want to find Joe Wilson next December, he'll be out in the sandbox, wondering where the hell all his career has gone.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • I have something to admit. I watched the game on delay, though basically caught up to real time at the end, so I could get together with friends to watch the 90210 season premiere. It was wonderfully cheesy, though a bit uneven. You have to love any show that starts with a character realizing they had killed a guy in a hit and run and then ends with the same character getting raped.
    • Better random 90210 character name from this week: Spence Montgomery or Bitzi Epstein?
    • I thought Collinsworth was pretty good tonight, though the stand-up shots of him and Michaels were way awkward. Moment of the night was when Michaels said something about LenDale White losing weight by dropping tequila, followed me thinking: "Shawne Merriman joke!!!!!," followed by Michaels saying, "That makes me think of Tila Tequila and Shawne Merriman, but I'll leave that alone." Michaels' sardonic wit remains underrated.
  • Random Music Video:
    • Check out Penn and Teller. Nice bangs.


angie said...

Not that your prediction isn't possible, but I suspect you're thinking of the situation in terms of Maryland politics, rather than South Carolina politics. Plus, I haven't seen or heard anything that says how much of the newly raised money came from people in SC, as opposed to from around the country.

Check out this article:

angie said...

Ok, that looks like you can't see the entire link. Let me try again...

Josh said...

Thanks. I had heard that Miller had lost in the last election by 8 points or so, so it was fairly close. Rick Perry had thrown around secession and while I certainly don't think that's even the most remote possibility, SC has shown leadership in being anti-establishment in the past.

Funny that in this article, when they said that, they completely neglected Preston Brooks (who I totally meant to mention in the actual blog post). Brooks was from SC and, in the lead-up to the Civil War, beat Mass. Senator Charles Sumner senseless with a cane on the floor of the Senate. Kills me when people say that Wilson's outburst means that we've lost the historic decorum or that the civility is "deteriorating". "Regressing" is probably a better word, and yelling "YOU LIE" is not anywhere close to what Brooks did or the fact that in the last session before secession, the senators came carrying guns, just in case something broke out.

Roy said...

Government officials behavior regressing? Bah! Big deal! When I was a pup, we got spanked by presidents 'til the cows came home! Grover Cleveland spanked me on two non-consecutive occasions!

Anonymous said...

Would you guess that Joe will be listening and re-listening to Smiley Smile, and singing, "Fun, Fun, Fun?"

I've never seen that Run DMC video before-- were Penn & Teller nationally-known then? The album is from '86. I'm sure I hadn't heard of them then, but of course at age 10 I'd heard of little outside of GI Joe or Transformers.

Lastly, my vote goes to Bitzi Epstein.


Anonymous said...

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