Sunday, September 27, 2009

Semana Tres

Two good things today: Helen Mirren in a play in downtown DC (amazing to see what a great actor can do with the emotion in their voice) and The Informant! (really, really funny and a nice plot twist).

NFL Week 3 (7-9 last week; 18-14 overall):
  • Washington (-6.5) at Detroit: I don't get all of the Detroit love. They really, really suck. I don't care how underachieving the Skins are. Detroit is really bad.
  • Green Bay (-6.5) at St. Louis: Yes, they knocked me out of my Survivor league last week, but they're playing St. Louis.
  • Minnesota (-7) vs. San Francisco: I'm going with a push on this one. Or maybe the 49ers are scrappy enough to keep going? It's not like Minnesota has played anyone good (Cleveland, Detroit).
  • New England (-4) vs. Atlanta: I'm not picking against the Pats at home after a loss until I'm 100% sure that they're finished. Which, honestly, could be tomorrow evening.
  • Tennessee (+2.5) at New York Jets: In a tight game like this, I'll take the desperate team over the team that's prime for a letdown.
  • Philadelphia (-9.5) vs. Kansas City: This has no spread on Yahoo, which means it's the lock of locks.
  • New York Giants (-6.5) vs. Tampa Bay: Tampa is way worse than you think they are.
  • Baltimore (-13.5) vs. Cleveland: I have a feeling that if the Ravens can score more than 13.5 then they'll cover.
  • Houston (-4) vs. Jacksonville: I spent my first-round pick on Steve Slaton. I'm hoping he breaks out finally against an awful and awfully-coached team.
  • New Orleans (-6) at Buffalo: And I spent my second-round pick on Drew Brees. Jackpot!
  • Chicago (-2) at Seattle: The team that beat the Super Bowl Champs last week is getting two points against a team without their starting QB and half of the rest of their team injured?
  • Cincinnati (+4) vs. Pittsburgh: I'm not ready to pick Cincy outright, but I'm also not ready to say that the Steelers will win by more than a field goal.
  • Denver (-1.5) at Oakland: You want to bet on JaMarcus Russell and his 32% completion percentage? Please, by all means.
  • San Diego (-6) vs. Miami: Both teams should be fired up after close losses. Problem 1 for Miami: they're on the road after a short week. Problem 2: they're not nearly as good as the Chargers.
  • Arizona (-2.5) vs. Indianapolis: Hard to bet against Manning, but the two teams actually have a common opponent this year. Indy beat the Jaguars by 2 at home. The Cardinals beat the Jags by 24 on the road.
  • Carolina (+9) vs. Dallas: I am not giving close to double digits with Tony Romo.

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