Sunday, January 24, 2010

Worst of the Worst: #22, Disaster Movie

Yes, yes, y'all, a double shot. Missed last week. This was the twentieth movie I've seen on the list, so I'm one-fifth of the way there. You know the drill on these films. It's almost unfair to rank these like any other movie. An unimportant plot and an endless line of pop culture references that are poorly concieved and even more poorly executed (from a person dressed up in a panda outfit for Kung Fu Panda to a long spoof of "I'm F***ing Matt Damon"). This time it starred Liam from 90210 (who I actually like) and Kim Kardashian, among others. I discovered, this movie being from 2008, that some of the references have a very short shelf life. I guess that should go without saying since they are pop culture, but Jessica Simpson and Justin Timberlake are one thing. This one, besides the spoof of the Kimmel, er, spoof, had Wolf from American Gladiators and a Head On commercial. I feel like one has to watch The Soup to even have a shot at understanding these things, unless you're like fourteen. Which I am, mentally.

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