Friday, January 22, 2010

No. Just... No.

  • The Monologue:
    • A former wrestling promoter is trying to start a basketball league where all players would have to be fully white. We already have a league where fundamentals take precedence over flashiness and where almost nobody can dunk. It's called the WNBA.
    • John Calipari is going to auction off Kentucky gear to raise money for Haiti. In addition, he's convinced his players to give half of their salary.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Where do they come up with the great one-liners for Community? There were a bunch more tonight.
    • My favorite part of 30 Rock tonight was a throw-away joke that wasn't obvious. Tracy Morgan decided to protest the Freedom Trail in Boston because the Founding Fathers had slaves. At one point, you could see him for a second with a t-shirt that read: "Impeach George W. Ashington".
    • The last guy on last night's American Idol, Matt Lawrence (the guy who had been in jail), was head and shoulders better than anyone else in the audition process so far. I expect to be writing about him when it comes time for my Idol recaps.
  • Random Movie Trailer:
    • This movie is a terrible idea, obviously, but this article was interesting in that I didn't know the last three of these five movies originated with SNL.


Anonymous said...

There's no way that wrestling promoter is serious about his basketball league. He has to be just trying to drum up publicity for himself and his wrestlers. I'm not trying to defend him, I don't doubt his racism, I'm just saying that he must know he'd (rightly) get sued into oblivion before he could ever get a single team together (not that he would ever be able to line up investors in the first place).

I did know about Mike Judge's animated shorts featuring Milton on SNL, and I had read that Guest, Shearer and McKean created and performed as the Folksmen long before A Mighty Wind, but I didn't know they did those characters on SNL.

About the MacGruber trailer: I am sure the movie will suck, and I have no plans to see it...BUT, the bit at the end of the trailer where he has to disarm the nuclear bomb is funny. They seem to have completely abandoned the idea that he's a parody of MacGuyver, though.

By the way, have you caught any episodes of Archer, new show on FX? It's freaking hilarious.


Josh said...

I haven't even heard of Archer. I'll see if I can catch it.

Betsy said...

Only show I ever saw that made me laugh at an incest joke. You should really check it out.

Josh said...

My "incest humor" cherry got popped with an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that dealt with an incest survivors' support group. Sorry, that was an unpleasant metaphor. Archer is on On Demand, so I'll watch it in the morning and report back.