Friday, January 15, 2010

The lack of a true Flux Capacitor

While Josh is out of town, I'll throw in my few random thoughts of the week...

  • In Back To The Future 2, Biff steals Marty's Delorean after finding a Sports Almanac with the intent of going backwards in time and betting on the games of which he already knows the results. In the real world, does the fact that no one has become super rich through sports betting mean that no one has actually invented a time machine in the future or did they just start betting at a date later than 2010? Kinda makes you think.
  • A lot of time and effort is spent on the Census every ten years. Why can't the government just request that the information be placed on a tax return which theoretically every citizen should be filing. It seems like a waste of money to send so many people out in the field to ask the few questions that are listed on the census. In addition, it would thwart the crazy people who believe that they don't need to file a tax return by reducing the funding or representation that those people are served by. Maybe it is just the accountant in me that thinks this.
  • This weekend's NFL games should be exciting. 1. Saints v. Cardinals - I don't care what the number is in the over/under...I am taking the over (and the Saints). 2. Ravens v. Colts - While the Ravens played a near perfect game last week, they have been on the road four straight weeks. This will catch up to them eventually. Colts win it late (Sorry, Josh). 3. Cowboys v. Vikings - I can't stand Brett Fav-ruh so even though I think Minnesota can win, I hope the Cowboys pummel them. 4. Chargers v. Jets - The Chargers win week after week but I don't know exactly how they do it. I don't think they are as talented as past Charger teams. I don't really care who wins so I guess I will stick with the home team. Note that I was 0-4 last week so don't be relying on my picks when you call your bookie.

Random links;

The best analysis ever written regarding a specific baseball game was done a few years ago by Dave Cameron and Derek Zumsteg. Enjoy.

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