Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't Impress Me Much

  • The Monologue:
    • So the GOP finally found their recipe for winning around the country, huh? Good thing Martha Coakley is running as the Democrat in every election over the next two years.
    • Sasha Cohen is reportedly going to make a comeback in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics, where competitors grow out of the sports quickly. At the ripe age of 25, she will be not awarded extra points for any jumps involving her walker.
    • Sarah Palin is going to go to Arizona to help in John McCain's campaign. Because the last time they worked together, it went really well.
    • Palin is also going to Minnesota to stump for Michelle Bachmann. Mensa has been alerted.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Weird dynamic on last night's Idol with Shania Twain as a guest judge. I didn't get the feeling that Kara liked her much, especially after Kara was so buddy-buddy with Posh Fembot Stick Figure. First, Shania was excellent, way better than Kara. Second, even with the buzz that Kara had some plastic surgery done, Shania just did not make her look good in comparison.
    • I realized tonight that with Lost moving to Tuesdays, the two shows that are must-watch on the night they air (that and the live Idol) will make for a late night of TV viewing.
    • If you are new to Twitter or are thinking about trying it, I will throw out two recommendations for follows: Kevin Smith and Roger Ebert. Smith is the best person on Twitter, period. Ebert is not that close, but he's still second.
  • Random Music Video:
    • I was on this early, but now it's huge news everywhere. Scott Brown's daughter, Ayla, was one of the semi-finalists on American Idol a few years ago (the Hicks/McPhee/Daughtry year). She wasn't that good, though, and didn't make it to the overall top 12. Here's her getting eliminated:


Steve said...

Ayla's such a silly name. Who else would name their kid that?

Josh said...

Elisha asked if I was going to make a joke about you naming Ayla after Ayla Brown. I told her I'd let you make the joke.

Marissa said...

On some web site, we were actually able to see a surge in baby's named Ayla after that season of American Idol. I hope it was just coincidence.