Wednesday, October 7, 2009

With A Baseball Bat

  • The Monologue:
    • The Redskins hired offensive consultant Sherm Lewis to help embattled coach Jim Zorn. Lewis has already an impact in the efficiency of the Washington coaching staff. Up until now, every time Zorn needed to give something to his wide receivers coach, he'd hand it to the runnings back coach and ask him to throw it to the other coach.
    • The actor who played Ralphie in A Christmas Story is making his directorial debut this weekend with Couples Retreat. Have you seen the trailer for that? I'd rather shoot my eye out and stick my tongue to a frozen pole than see that movie.
    • A pack of rabid raccoons mauled a 74-year-old woman in Tampa. It's the first known case of raccoons attacking someone since that unfortunate incident with Oscar the Grouch.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Cliff Lee was brilliant in shutting down the Rockies today. His curveball is really good. With Jimenez losing -- and getting knocked around a bit -- I don't know how Colorado has the pitching to keep this series close in any way.
    • The Yankees creamed the Twins. No surprise there. Still relatively early in the Cardinals-Dodgers game as I write this, but Carpenter is not pitching too well.
    • Pondering my bad movie for Friday. Leaning towards a comedy for this week. Oh boy.
  • Random Video:
    • We all need this in our life every so often. But what's the announcement for? Is it ever not Peanut Butter Jelly Time?

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