Monday, October 19, 2009


  • The Monologue:
    • No joke can be funnier than this picture, a screen grab from today's Yankees game.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • Crazy House episode, with potential ghosts and bodies on the autopsy table coming to life. The show keeps ticking along as strong as ever.
    • Also a great How I Met Your Mother and I'm very critical of that show. The Proclaimers, Tantrum soda, and Kenny Rogers talking about a dog being splattered by a bus.
    • I finally read Malcolm Gladwell's article about football and brain damage. Frightening stuff, though I think the dogfighting metaphor is very heavy-handed.
  • Video Embargo:
    • In honor of Joe Girardi's crappy managerial job today, I was dying to post a video of the bunt that Mariano Rivera threw away. The throw was hilarious. He threw it straight into the dirt and then fell down dramatically without reason. But, no, MLB controls all of their video, doesn't let you embed it, and they didn't have video of that play. So, sorry. Enjoy this instead, even if the person couldn't spell the city. I'll post a different one for each Halo victory. I've now seen games in 25 of the 30 MLB cities and Angel Stadium is the best in-game experience in the country. Period.

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Betsy said...

I just realized what article you were talking about regarding brain damage and football when I saw you last weekend. I didn't know about this article. They did a piece on it on 60 Minutes weekend before last while I was waiting for Amazing Race to start.