Monday, October 26, 2009

I Don't Know, I Just See The Bald

  • The Monologue:
    • The pilots that missed the Minneapolis airport were reportedly on their laptops and lost track of where they were. Thankfully, this was one of the rare times when Windows didn't cause something to crash.
    • Mark McGwire will be the new hitting coach for the Cardinals next year. He's expected to really supplement the coaching staff.
    • Mark McGwire, new hitting coach for the Cardinals, is expected to give them a real shot in the arm.
    • Steve Phillips is no longer working for ESPN. Some lady in the unemployment line or a McDonald's somewhere is about to get lucky.
  • Random Pop Culture:
    • My wife often has a problem with Curb Your Enthusiasm. She thinks Larry's antics are too unrealistic. So when she's laughing throughout an episode, you know it's good. Indeed, this past Sunday's Curb has to be one of the best episodes in the run of the show. It wasn't laugh-out-loud throughout like the vacuum-seal episode a few weeks ago, but it had a perfect story. Not so coincedentally, like the best episodes of Seinfeld, this one had different story lines that all blended together perfectly to lead to the ending. In the meantime, you had a store owner who couldn't tell the difference between a bald white guy and a bald black guy; you had maybe the darkest ever episode, including a graphic murder and a near-suicide; you had Larry doing something unspeakable to a religious item. More important than anything else, you had the chemistry between Jerry and Larry that drove the episode. It's the kind of smooth back-and-forth that shows why Seinfeld was such a classic show.
    • Dexter has also gotten really good. This week's episode gave us the best part of the show, Dexter doing detective work to find his victim. It also had yet another shock ending. They had done so much to set up Trinity as a sick, lonely man, that the fact that he's very much like Dexter changes the whole season.
    • The big question on Amazing Race this week has to do with whether or not Canaan was abusive with Mika. I don't think so. He definitely went a bit far with trying to pry her hands off of the bar, but I think they made it seem like he was physically pushing her a lot more than he actually was.
  • Random Question:
    • For those of you with a DVR (or I guess who tape shows on VHS, whatever that is), my question is: which shows, if any, do you have to watch the night they air? I watch a number of shows on my DVR or online as I have time, but there are some that just need to be watched before the next day for various reasons. My only three are Lost (too many people talking about it in the office and online), Mad Men (same as Lost, but more for the online discussions), and American Idol (the performance shows once it goes live, of course, because it's not really worth watching once you know who gets voted out).

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